Barber Shop

Our home is a family-friendly placed locate at 187 Mammoth Road in the city of Lowell, MA. Come and sit back in our bespoke leather barbers’ chairs for your shave or haircut.

Featured Hair Styles

Have you ever tried a different haircut? Our professionals will give an elegant touch to your hair and overall appearance. Come and trust the experts.

Hours & Pricing

Monday-Tuesday: 9am – 7pm /  Wednesday: 9am - 8:30pm  Thursday: 9am - 8:30pm /  Friday: 9am - 10pm

Sabado: 9am - 9pm / Domingo: 9am - 5pm

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Quality Haircut

Jose has been giving a lot of people a great haircut for around four years and the shampoo and head massage certainly add up to a pleasurable experience. Highly recommended!

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